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Proven Spots Ranch is proud to offer the following high-quality mares to the public for breeding

purposes. Each mare has been carefully evaluated for temperment, confirmation,

and unique coloring. Foals in-utero are available as well as foals on the ground.

Ride with nothing but the highest quality, ride with Proven Spots Ranch.







Looking for a mare with an outstanding disposition, tremendous conformation, and color with a spanish look?


We are proud to introduce our newest addition to the broodmare band, Que Pasa.

An stunning example of America's old west, the MustangQue Pasa has been ridden on streets, highways, through town, under/on walkways, draggs tires, ropes, does coleadero, dances, goes through drive-through's, ties for hours, pony's, is great with dogs, rings bells, goes through traffic, schools, is great at the charreadas and wonderful up in the mountains of Wrightwood. This mare has been shown at MRVHA

Que Pasa has carried a percious 5 year old for leadline, and been shown sucessfuly in halter by a 7 year old at Que Pasas first show.

Avaliable for sale at $7,500


This mare has been presented at:


Rancho Del Sol, Acton CA

San Dimas Equestrian Center, CA

Pico Rivera Sports Arena, CA

Rancho Los Alamos, Hesperia CA



Proven Spots Ranch proudly presents, Que Pasa:




Que Pasa is available for lease at $150 per month at our facility.

Person(s) leasing the mare have 24/7 access to the horse.

This monthly price includes board, and trimming.







Looking for a mare with agility, gait, color, conformation, finesse, bloodlines, and a sound mind?

Look no further, you've found your mare.





About Hermosa de los Cielos:

Proven Spots Ranch presents, Hermosa de los Cielos (Beauty of the Skies).  Our 2005 Mangalargra Marchador: Hermosa de los Cielos born out of two Brazilian Grand Champions, Ritmo A.J. and Jaina do Passo Fino. Hermosa is one of three of the only Cremellos in the world to be registered in the U.S. Marchador registry. She is also the last Cremello to be registered with the registry.  The Marchador breed was introduced to the U.S. within the past 20 years. It is the National horse of Brazil. The registry has decided to go with Brazilian tradition and exclude the color "Cremello" from the registry. (Brazilian tradition believes that Cremello is Albino, although this is not true.) Both parents carry the creme gene which means getting another Cremello is likely.


Our greatest advantage:

Hermosa de los Cielos  IS the last Cremello to be registered under the US. She is 1/3 to be registered. Her offspring will be registerable as well. Not only is her color an advantage but her personality and conformation exceed the standard Marchador requirements. Hermosa IS the only baby from these two brazilian champions, imports Ritmo AJ and Janita do Passo fino.

With the head and neck like that of an Andalusion, the special gait that the Marchador posseses (there are two but she posess one, the Batida, a four-beat diagonal gait), and the long flowing mane and tail everyone dreams of having. Hermosa de los Cielos lays down on cue, performs the Spanish Walk/Trot, Dances two different types of dancing, Sits Down, and Bows. Hermosa de los Cielos has been in photoshoots, a movie, and has exhibited all over Southern California. Hermosa de los Cielos is by far our most versitile horse. From being able to perform intriquite dressage moves, work a cow/wild horse, be able to pull a 1,200lb Quarter Horse stallion backwards, tail a 1500lb bull, jump off a 5ft drop off, dance and do tricks, jump 3ft, perform a reining pattern, and trail ride for 10+ hours.


Reserve your 2010 foal now only to be bred 3 times to Ninja de Sao Joaquim.

View Hermosa's pedigree at:


This mare has been persented at:


El Toro Huaco, Perris CA

Rancho Del Sol, Acton CA

Falcon Ridge Ranch, San Dimas CA

Rancho La Loma, Phelan CA

San Dimas Equestrian Center, CA

Pico Rivera Sports Arena, CA

Phelan Fun days, Phelan CA

Rancho El Pedregal, Riverside CA

Rancho Los Alamos, Hesperia CA


Multiple dancing horse competition wins, some coleadero, audiance pick, pull-off champion, star performer










Looking for a strongly built, hardy, well proportioned and athletic, mare with great presence and charm?

Well then you've found your match.


Proven Spots Ranch proudly presents, Kiana:



About Kiana:

Kiana our 05' Norwegian Fjord filly

By: Kian Klattrup

Out of: Mariblakken-Knutsdtr

She has been an absolute pleasure to have around. Kiana has been everywhere and exposed to everything. She has ridden in groups of 40+, been all over in town, over highways, does bridless reining, gymkhana, performs well at the mexican rodeos, is trained for coleadero, works cattle, has done some sorting, ponys, and ties for hours.

Kiana-our 2005 Norwegian Fjord. This is one of the purest breeds known, their lines trace back to ancient times. If you cross-breed you are looked down on by breeders,
the public, and even the registry. It is known that if you do cross-breed you will never be able to register another Fjord even if it's pure. Kiana is a Brown dun and stands 14.3. For sale.

Kiana  is avaliable for lease at $150 per month at our facility.

Person(s) leasing the mare have 24/7 acess to the horse.

This monthly price includes board, and trimming.


View Kiana in action:

Kiana doing some bridleless reining:







Looking for a colorful, correct, sound, hardy, humble, graceful, mare with intelligence and dignity?

Proven Spots Ranch proudly presents, P.S. Local Finesse:



P.S. Local Finesse our 02' AIHR Strawberry Varnished Roan Mare. With almost flawless conformation, and wonderful coloring this mare has done it all! Halter, Gymkhana, Western, Trail, Endurance, and Leadline. This mare is always in the ribbons, buckles, and trophys! Proven broodmare, easy breeder. Not marish. Soft kind eye and disposition to match.

This mare has shown sucessfully under CSHA and JKK


PS Local Finesse in action



P.S. Local Finesse  is available for lease at $150 per month at our facility.

Person(s) leasing the mare have 24/7 access to the horse.

This monthly price includes board, and trimming.









Proven Spots Ranch is proud to present: Lady Savonta


Savonta at santa barbara



REG. Purebred Polish Fleabiten Arabian mare with superior old foundation breeding. PRO TRAINED HUNTER PLEASURE. Over $20,000 invested in this mares training. Has been shown at Santa Barbara, Pomona fairplex, and many other large shows and futurities. Sound, Light mouth, GREAT EXTENSION, Tail drags the ground by about 1ft, FUN little mare to ride, extremely flexible personality with LOTS of finesse. Show home a must. Lots and lots of show experiance. Absolutely stunning example of the Arabian breed.

$100 for full lease at your facility or $150 for full lease at ours (Includes feed, board, trim, etc)

"Lady Savonta" under saddle