Proven Spots Ranch: Home of the Exotics

Hermosa de los Cielos X Ninja de Sao Joaquim


Foal should turn out as a buckskin/smoky black colt. Hermosa is a dedicated Marcha Batida, Ninja is Batida and Picada. 

Hermosa comes from Ritmo AJ--Brazilian champion and Janita do passo fino another Brazilian champion that have never been bred, and are to never be bred again.
Ninja was Regional Champion, Reserve Junior Champion Stallion for the Brazilian state of Oliviera in 1996.
Ninja's lineage includes Abaiba Gim and the great horses of the Abaiba line.

This is a great oppertunity to get lines no one else will have!




Que Pasa X Ninja de Sao Joaquim


Foal should turn out colored and gaited. Que Pasa has a beautiful and defined Spanish Carrige, as does Ninja.

One of the first registerable "Pampa" horses in Brazil, born in the US.





P.S. Local Finesse X Hardworkinman


Our world's qualifiying stallion bred to our beautiful little POA mare.

To be bred on demand ONLY. Call (909) 596-1369