Proven Spots Ranch: Home of the Exotics




We currently have 3 Silver Dorkwing/Miniature roosters left for sale





  • 2 White cornish
  • 5 game chicks
  • 2 egg laying hens
  • 1 Parti-colored silver with navy, blonde, emerald, and chocolate
  • They are all dubbed (Crown, wattles, ear lobes), friendly, and have strong breeding on the both sides.


$5 - Game chicks (Johnny Jumper cross)

$15 - White cornish

$25 - Parti

$35 - Egg laying (2 eggs per day)




          "Speedy Gonzalez"  (Silver Dorkwing)    "El Gallo" (Miniature bred Lines frome TX)   "Pedro" (Miniature bred from NM)

Speedy Gonzalez                El Gallo                Pedro



"Rico" Bottom Left, Son of Pedro,  "Roncaro" Bottom right

                      Rico                   BRONCA







Dancing horses avaliable for partys




Love to watch the dancing horses in the parades? Now you can bring them to your home for your entertainment!


Throwing a party?

You're party wouldn't be complete without horses dancing to the music of your choice!
We will trailer some of our finest dancing horses down to your party at the current rate of $250 per hour.
The horses will perform the spanish walk as they come in then dance under our charro saddle to the music of your choice.
Get ready to make your party unusual/memorable with our dancing horse services.
Video's, photo's, and riding the horses while they're dancing is an additional fee.


Your choice of Hermosa de los Cielos, Que Pasa, or Sanson.




We have performed at multiple private homes and large events:


El Toro Guaco, Perris CA

Rancho Del Sol, Acton CA

Falcon Ridge Ranch, San Dimas CA

Rancho La Loma, Phelan CA

San Dimas Equestrian Center, CA

Pico Rivera Sports Arena, CA

Phelan Fun days, Phelan CA

Rancho El Pedregal, Riverside CA

Rancho Los Alamos, Hesperia CA